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gaslightanthem to play with the Bosstones in Boston June 21 @TGAStreeteam
Lucero makes Memphis proud
Discussions of Lucero’s music often reference their country-punk sensibilities, and the band’s new album, “Women & Work,” has been labeled “Memphis country soul.” But co-founding guitarist Brian Venable begs to differ, more or less.
“We just think of it as rock ’n’ roll,” he said in a recent phone interview. “Southern rock by default, cause we’re from the South, but we grew up on Tom Petty and the Replacements. We tried to have it all categorized at one point, but really, we just wanna be a rock ’n’ roll band. Don’t need any adjectives.”
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BOOTLEG: Ben Nichols Solo Show Minneapolis June 2012
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Bootleg: The Gaslight Anthem JBTV Sept. 2010 Acoustic Show in MP3s
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Can’t Feel a Thing…Lucero at Live in studio