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Ben Nichols “Summer Song” Live in Asbury Park Acoustic

Audio by Dan Billmeyer

The Gaslight Anthem stream new song ‘Stay Vicious’ – listen

The Gaslight Anthem are streaming a new song, ‘Stay Vicious’, from their upcoming new album.Click below to listen to the track, which features on ‘Get Hurt’, which will be released on August 11. Speaking about the song to NME, frontman Brian Fallon called the song “different” to their previous material. “I said [to producer Mike Crossey], ‘I got this idea to use this really heavy riff in the beginning and then completely flip-turn and make the song the prettiest thing we’ve ever done.” Discussing the reasons for choosing the song as the opener for ‘Get Hurt’, Fallon added: “It’s different but you don’t want to have to explain it… you’re letting people know right off at the get-go.”—2/78825

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Gaslight Anthem go off the rails and Get Hurt
To some, Brian Fallon - the centre but certainly not the whole of Gaslight Anthem - is a New Jersey bloke who looks like he probably works construction and sees bands on a Friday night, so there’s something on while he downs another beer.
That he writes intensely passionate songs and sings them with even more intensity, in a band that has the push of the Clash and the earthiness of the Replacements, is one thing that surprises people. Another surprise for those folks is just how good Gaslight Anthem – Fallon, Alex Rosamilia, Alex Levine and Benny Horowitz – are.
Lucero live at WESN studios November 22, 2002 (Acoustic)

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The Gaslight Anthem -One Hour Video of 2008 show Live at Vintage Vinyl 08/19/08


The Gaslight Anthem - Full Video of “Get Hurt”


Molly and the Zombies - Sketchy


The Gaslight Anthem reveal The 1975 influenced their new album ‘Get Hurt
The Gaslight Anthem are promising a “completely different vibe” on new album ‘Get Hurt’, with frontman Brain Fallon revealing that The 1975 helped him find a new direction for the band. Fallon speaks to NME in this week’s issue, available on newsstands from today (July 23) or available digitally, ahead of the release of the US band’s fifth album on August 18.Read more at

The Gaslight Anthem “Get Hurt” Trailer